1. I just bought a bike. Should I join the SWBCC?
YES! Whether you are new to cycling or an experienced rider, join the club to meet new people who have similar casual, recreational cycling interests. You will develop new riding skills and ride safe routes!

2. I'm just getting back on a bike after several years away from cycling. Should I join the SWBCC?
YES! We welcome new members and encourage you to reawaken your love for recreational cycling while riding with a fun group of people.

3. I've never cycled with a club. What should I know before riding with the SWBCC?
a. We don't bite!
b. We don't care what type of bike you ride but it must be in good working order and a safe bike to ride. After you join the club, take your bike to SWB- Peoria for a tune-up/safety check before riding on a club ride. (Please allow for normal turn-around time on service.)
c. We don't care what type of cycling clothes you may or may not wear, but you must be willing to associate with a garish-looking mass of people wearing spandex and funny-looking shoes.
d. You must wear a helmet to participate in the SWBCC rides.
e. After you join the club, stop in to SWB-Peoria to purchase your SWB Jersey at a club-member exclusive discount.
f. We require all our participants to abide by ALL applicable traffic laws. The safety of our riders is our primary focus for every ride. You may want to refresh your memory on bicycle laws. (Click HERE to view the Arizona Bike Laws in .PDF format)
g. Develop your basic riding skills, comfort on your bike and balance on flats and hills before joining a group ride.
h. Ensure that you are comfortable riding your bike on multi-use paths and on streets with bike lanes.
i. READ the attached document that gives you safety tips for riding in groups.
j. When in doubt about which group ride to choose, participate in the ride that may be shorter/slower than what you are capable of. This choice will enable you to focus on learning the group dynamics and developing your group riding skills. If you are unsure or have questions about the ride, contact the published ride leader before the scheduled event.
k. Expect to meet great people who advocate safe, casual, recreational and fun rides!

4. Can my family join the SWBCC?
SWBCC Membership is open to adults. We offer a discount membership to the 2nd adult member residing at the same address as the first adult family member.

5. Why do I have to abide with all traffic laws when I'm on a SWBCC ride?
Umů.. if you ask this question, please look for a different club to join.

6. Do I have to wear a helmet on the SWBCC rides?
YES! Enough said.

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