1. How does membership in the SWBCC benefit me?
a. You may purchase a SouthWest Bicycles jersey at a significant discount.
b. You will earn SWBCC points for each club ride. Your earned points will translate to store credit at SouthWest Bicycles issued to participating members each quarter. The more club rides you participate in and correctly log with Plus3Network, the greater value your in-store credit.
c. You will become a member of a club associated with the League of American Bicyclists.
d. You will be covered by SWBCC club insurance through the League of American Bicyclists when participating in club activities.
e. You will be enrolled in the SouthWest Bicycles Rewards Program and earn 40% MORE with your club membership!
f. You will be invited to attend a once-a-year Club-member ONLY Special Sale night where you may take advantage of added discounts on bikes, parts and accessories.
g. You will develop your group riding skills.
h. You will have access to members-only bicycle maintenance mini-classes taught by the expert technicians at SouthWest Bicycles and other club members.
i. You will meet other people who enjoy the benefits of casual, recreational cycling and have fun on group rides and other club activities.
j. You will have access to the Plus3Network where you will log all of your club rides and may track all of your activities to raise money for your chosen cause - a great way to "Make it Count" as you cycle for a cause!
k. You will be able to join the club on RideWithGPS.com and have access to all of our club rides and information at that site.