1. How do I earn a SouthWest Bicycles in-store credit?
You will earn points for every club ride in which you participate and log correctly on the Plus3Network.

2. When will I receive my credit?
In-store credit will be issued in the month following each calendar quarter approximately in January, April, July, October - depending upon when the club receives information from Plus3Network.

3. How will I know I have an in-store credit?
You will receive an email to tell you when your credit is available at SouthWest Bicycles - Peoria.

4. How long will my in-store be valid?
The SouthWest Bicycles in-store credit does not expire.

5. Is my in-store credit transferable to someone else?
No. Reward yourself for your efforts!

6. Can I still get my earned in-store credit at the end of the quarter if I cancel my club membership during the quarter?
NO. Only active members at the end of the quarter, who have correctly entered their club rides on Plus3Network will be eligible to earn their in-store credit.