1. What insurance coverage do I receive as a member of the SWBCC?
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General Liability provided by Greenwich Insurance Company (a subsidiary of XL Group) for Members and volunteers of insured League clubs who are participating in a covered activity. In the following amounts:

Coverages / Limits
Commercial general liability $1,000,000 (per occurrence)
General aggregate* $5,000,000
Products and completed operations aggregate $5,000,000
Personal and advertising injury $1,000,000
Participant legal liability NOTE EXCLUDED
Sports equipment liability $ 5,000
* Per claim deductible $1,500
* Aggregate applies on a per insured basis.

Participant Accident provided by Mutual of Omaha Insurance Co for Members of League clubs who have submitted the approved enrollment form and have paid the appropriate premium, registered participants (including volunteers) in special events who are taking part in a covered activity.

Accident Medical Coverage $10,000 per person per accident excess of a $500 per claim deductible and excess of any other valid and collectable insurance. Accidental Death & Dismemberment $5,000 per person per accident.

2. Does the insurance cover me on non-SWBCC rides?
NO, The SWBCC LAB insurance covers you ONLY during your participation in a covered club activity.

3. What is a covered club activity?
A covered activity includes recreational bicycle rides that are organized, conducted, and supervised by an insured club and involve League club members and first-time invited guests. Club meetings are also considered covered activities. SWBCC Club activities will be planned by SWBCC members and will be published on the club website (www.swbcc.org), and/or sent to club members via the club email address, and/or published on a club social media page, and/or on our club calendar at RideWithGPS.

4. Why do I have to sign a release and waiver form to join the SWBCC and to cycle on club rides?
To help protect all the SWBCC members and participants from liability lawsuits resulting from anything that may cause harm or loss during a club activity.

(From the 2010 League of American Cyclists Insurance Program FAQ Sheet)
Primarily, the waiver says that the person agrees to release the club from liability should anything happen on the ride to cause them harm or loss. They may still sue the club if something happens, but the chances are good that a court or judge will refuse to hear the case because of the presence of the signed waiver! Or, even if the court does hear the case, the waiver could be used to show the individual was aware of, and had accepted, potential risks involved with cycling.

Club members are required to sign a waiver and release of liability form once each year. You don't need to sign one each time you go on a club ride. For special events, every participant - whether they are members of the club or not - are required to sign a waiver.