1. What is the Plus3Network?
Plus3Network is an online community of healthy-minded people who want to make personal fitness and
charitable efforts a bigger part of their everyday lives. By bringing enthusiasts like yourself together
with corporate sponsors Plus 3 makes it possible to turn your every workout into a fitness-fundraiser -
you provide the "sweat", Plus 3 provides the "equity". The basic Plus3 membership is always free and a
great way for you to "Cycle for a Cause" and "Make it Count"!

2. Do I have to register with the Plus3Network when I become a SWBCC member?
YES, if you want to earn points toward your quarterly in-store credit. SWBCC has teamed up with Plus3 to track our club member participation and encourage you to "Cycle for a Cause". You must register with Plus 3, join the SWBCC and correctly log your club activities on Plus3Network to take full advantage of all that the SWBCC and the Plus3Network offer.

3. How do I register on www.plus3network.com
Log onto www.Plus3Network.com and follow their step-by-step instructions.

4. How do I join the SWBCC on the Plus3network?
After you set up your free account with Plus3, go to your Group Tab and search for Southwest Bicycles Cycling Club (SWBCC). You may join that group to see all the members of our Plus3 group.

5. How do I enter a club ride on the Plus3network?
Open your account on www.Plus3Network.com and start your log, by selecting manual entry or Garmin upload (if you use a Garmin device). Follow the easy steps to enter your activity. WHEN YOU LOG A CLUB RIDE, PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU INCLUDE "SWBCC" SOMEWHERE IN YOUR TITLE.

6. Why do I have to enter the club rides a specific way on the Plus3Network?
Plus3Network will conduct specific searches for the SWBCC based on our designated "Keywords" for our club rides. You MUST log your activities with the correct keywords for your club rides so that your rides show up on our club reports. That is the only way you will receive credit for your club rides.

7. Will I get credit for my SWBCC rides just by participating in the ride?
NO. You must CORRECLY log your SWBCC rides on the Plus3Network in order for the SWBCC to give you club credit for your participation.

8. I don't have a Garmin device for my bicycle, can I still log my club rides and get club credit on the Plus3Network?
ABSOLUTLEY! Just make sure that you enter the activity name correctly to receive club credit for your club rides.